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University student and award-winning pioneer English cell phone novelist in the West through textnovel.com Thank you for all the support! Wouldn’t be where I am today without you guys…=)

Cell Phone Novels is a phenomenon originally from Japan of online, serialized literature written in short poetic less than 200 word chapters blending poetry and storytelling. See more information below!

See My Current Writing Projects

- Dystopian psychological magical-realism prose novel Espresso Love
- A semi-autobiographical journey of a musician Move「旅」 (CPN)
- A fantasy and sci-fi epic The Fringe of District 24 (CPN)
- An apocalyptic story All’s Well That Ends Well (CPN)
- and of course most popular pioneer cell phone novel of young love Secondhand Memories (CPN)

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taka2The award-winning pioneer of the cell phone novel movement and English Literature university student based in Toronto, Takatsu, has brought the Japanese cultural phenomenon to the English speaking world and organized the forefront of an online writing community for the past five years. Through “Secondhand Memories” (2009), he introduced the delicate fusion style of minimalistic poetry and sparse prose narration, youth culture and multimedia serialization technology to countless young aspiring writers around the globe. Takatsu and his work – which had won a Reader’s Choice award; surpassed 90,000 words, 50,000 views and accumulated thousands of readers; well documented in various places around the internet and media; placed as comprehension exercises in an English textbook in Japan – has become the most popular cell phone novel in the West. The finished first book of “Secondhand Memories” has been a much anticipated release by fans around the world for years, and will be published by Sakura Publishing in late 2014.

In the past five years, the cell phone novel phenomenon has evolved and matured, and the writer, passionate about philosophy, the human condition and the world around, continues to work on finishing fiction projects of greater depth and meaning such as “Move” (2013), a sentimental journey of a struggling musician, as well as “Espresso Love” (2014), a more recent and ambitious dystopian magical-realism prose novel which satirizes and challenges the socio-political system around. He is influenced by writers such as Haruki Murakami, Ernest Hemingway, Banana Yoshimoto, George Orwell, Cormac McCarthy and Raymond Carver.

“Amazing how well you implement the first-person point of view… Hackneyed and cliche, some have said, but there’s just something about good writers and first person novels. You are definitely in one of them. Your voice really comes through. Some people will disagree and say, ‘Well of course. He’s writing in first person. It’s suppose to engage you in such a way.’ But I would have to say that not all first-person novels come through as clean as yours does. Simply amazing.” comments Diogenes Marx, a literary critic on Textnovel.

See his Current Writing Projects



Cell Phone Novels is a phenomenon originally from Japan of online, serialized literature written in short poetic less than 200 word chapters blending poetry and storytelling. Read more info here!

Intro to Cell Phone Novels Interview/Documentary is here!

All the info you need about what cell phone novels are, the history of where it comes from and how it started in North America, English cell phone novel literature style, Secondhand Memories, Textnovel, eMobo and more!

PLEASE WATCH AND SHARE this compiled comprehensive source of cell phone novel knowledge and guidance! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIGTcth-kZ4




Takatsu who enjoys writing j-pop, pop rock / pop punk and acoustic music in Japanese and English, was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. With his heart left in Japan, he aspires to return to Tokyo one day.

He believes that music can change the world, one tune at a time. Music has always inspired him and he believes it is truly something that transcends all languages, becoming the language of the heart and soul. Having been inspired by music, he wishes to do the same for others.

In 2011, after the tsunami in Japan as a way to send a message of encouragement and hope to his friends and family and all who were affected by the disaster he wrote his first Japanese language song 明日の夢 or Ashita no Yume which means Tomorrow’s Dream. The following year he decided to fully produce the song and expand its influence to be shared amongst all who pursue dreams. Shortly after it sparked the creation of his first album, the Aozora EP officially released on March 29th, 2012. Since then, because of online fans around the globe, the EP has reached cities all over the world as well as passed on in person in Tokyo to artists and top producers from Sony Music Japan.

He continues to perform and pursue music in both Tokyo and Toronto.

Check out the home portal page with access to Youtube, ReverbNation, Bandcamp and more


3 thoughts on “About The Author

  1. Hey there!
    Great artist! I love your music, and I love your books even more!
    The psychological aspects of your works are especially awesome! But the writing is beautiful too
    Love your stuff!

  2. Takatsu!!! You truly inspired me to write Cell Phone Novels and your stories simply amazed me. It feels like the sentences you have written in your own latest Espresso Love novel truly brings me forward to a better interpretation in real life. Philosophies, I can say. Your mindset comes with a different aspect than other authors I’ve read so far. I can only describe you as ‘a wizard with beautiful words of magic”. Do keep on to surprise me with your overflowing talent to create today’s reading world full of imaginations. Good luck and may your road to the future success shines brighter than present. :)

  3. Hello! I really love your novels and Cell Phone Novels! They are simply amazing-especially Espresso Love~! You inspire many people to write! Keep up the good work!!!

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